How to Set Yourself Up for Marketing Success

The purpose of this course is NOT to get you to an elite level of mastery in marketing. Instead, we're only going to focus on the most essential marketing concepts you need to learn to be able to set up an automated marketing system that gets results.

The goal of this course as well as your coaching program is to help you learn how to set up ONE automated marketing system that can generate leads, sales and profits for your business...

An Automated Marketing System Can Generate Leads, Sales and Profits Repeatedly

In order to set-up an automated marketing system, you'll need a traffic source where your target market is congregating. When you have an irresistible offer, you can attract your ideal customers. You can turn your lead magnet, product or service into an irresistible offer by adding incentives that can decrease objections while increasing desire for getting it. When you have an automated marketing system working for your business, you have the power to generate leads and sales that you can turn into profits.

Did you know?

Once you have even just a SINGLE automated marketing system bringing you more sales and profits every day… your business and your life can change dramatically.

Of course if your team can handle the extra business, you can also use the same strategies to create multiple automated marketing systems. So, you can generate multiple streams of revenues and profits.

After you create the first one, setting up additional marketing systems will be faster and easier for you. Why? You will end up with your own marketing assets that you can keep using over and over again... to target different segments of your market.

NOTE: Depending on your business, your customers can be clients, patients, students, members, etc.

What's the Best Way to Set Yourself Up For Success?

By applying the 80/20 rule when you build your automated marketing system, you can focus on 20% of activities that can generate 80% of your results. This is how you avoid wasting your time, money and resources. So, you can have the FASTEST path to getting leads, sales and profits.

#1. You need to focus specifically on direct-to-consumer marketing strategies that are EVERGREEN... when you set-up your automated marketing system for sales acceleration.

Direct-to-consumer marketing strategies are also known as direct-response marketing and direct marketing. These strategies were pioneered in the 15th century and further developed in the 20th century. However, they’re still effective for getting leads, sales and profits using current digital marketing platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo and other media in the 21st century.

When you learn how to use direct-to-consumer marketing strategies effectively, you can have the power to generate leads, sales and profits... no matter what marketing platforms will get invented in the future.

You only need to learn TIMELESS direct-response marketing principles once. After you achieve that and learn how to set up an automated marketing system, you'll have the knowledge and skills to get results... for life.

Multi-billion dollar companies, including McDonald's, Amazon, Walmart, AT&T, Home Depot and Verizon use direct-to-consumer marketing strategies to get more customers and revenue.

Even with TOTALLY UNKNOWN brands, solo entrepreneurs and small business owners can also use the same direct-response marketing strategies to get more leads, sales and profits.

#2. You need to focus specifically on targeting your ideal and high-value customers when you set-up your automated marketing system.

Not all of your customers are equally desirable. Some customers will create a lot of problems for you... and deplete your resources. So, you need to avoid getting more problem-causing customers.

By specifically targeting your ideal customers, you can maximize your revenue and profits... WITHOUT working more. Getting more ideal customers is the FASTEST way to increase your profits. It’s like getting an instant raise.

You will also target segments of your market that are considered low-hanging fruit because they can offer a higher chance of success. They’re highly interested, desperate and ready-to-buy prospects. So, they buy faster, buy more and buy more often.

NOTE: If you enrolled in VIP Coaching, please make sure you complete the first milestone for your coaching program promptly. You just need to answer simple questions about your current situation and your marketing goals for your business. Please include information about the type of customers you want to get as well as the maximum number of leads and customers your team can handle.

In this course, you’ll also learn how to use free tools to find high-value customers as well as low-hanging fruit for your business.

An Automated Marketing System Can Help You End Roller-Coaster Sales... Permanently

When you have an automated marketing system working for your business, you can generate PREDICTABLE leads, sales and profits REPEATEDLY.

What Can Get In the Way of Your Marketing Success?

Your mindset and misconceptions can be powerful barriers to your success.

Common marketing misconceptions can fuel fear and self-doubt for most entrepreneurs. The most effective way to overcome them is by using facts and data to guide your thinking process and your decisions.

Misconception #1. Marketing doesn't work.

FACT: Creating profitable marketing campaigns is like drilling for oil. You will hit some dry wells before you find a massively profitable oil gusher.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert marketer… most of your marketing campaigns will not be profitable. Some will break even (total revenue will equal total cost). Others will lose money. Few will be massively profitable.

This is not about you, your knowledge or skills. So, don’t take it personally.

You can expect that about 2 out of 10 marketing campaigns will be profitable. After you tweak and optimize results from your campaigns, you can end up with an automated marketing system that can generate predictable leads, sales and profits... repeatedly.

Misconception #2. You need to be a marketing expert to get results.

FACT: You don’t need to be an expert to get sales and profits from your marketing campaigns. You don't even need marketing experience.

Instead of leaving it to marketers, 71% of small business owners do their own digital marketing (, 2017).

Yes! You can do this, too.

You don't need marketing experience to get results. Testing eliminates the need for experience...

Your customers will decide whether they are going to buy... or not. Even bad advertising can still get results. Based on my own experience, you can make lots of mistakes and your marketing campaigns can still get results.

Misconception #3. Marketing is too risky.

FACT: You can minimize your risk by running tests of ALL your marketing ideas... BEFORE you go all in. Your marketing test will generate sales and profits... or not.

You can spend about $5 to $10 a day for 5 to 10 days to test EACH marketing idea. After your chosen testing period ends, you will only continue running marketing campaigns that are making money for you. You will immediately stop running losing campaigns.

Breakeven campaigns (total revenue is equal total cost), generate FREE customers. They can become profitable later, if they buy more products or services; they can also potentially refer other customers to your business. It’s up to you if you want to keep running those campaigns or you just want to focus on quick profits.

Don't prejudge any marketing campaign. Why? You will end up missing out on too many opportunities. You can’t really predict which campaigns will generate game-changing sales and profits. So, you just need to keep testing your marketing ideas.

Misconception #4. Business owners are too busy to make time for marketing.

FACT: Marketing is not time-consuming.

Almost half of small business owners spend less than two hours per week on marketing efforts ( 2019). This works out to about 17 minutes per day.

Once you have a profitable marketing campaign, you can keep running it for months or years… WITHOUT spending a lot of time. It can take you a few minutes a day to monitor your sales and profits.

Misconception #5. Marketing is an expense business owners can’t afford.

FACT: Actually, effective marketing pays you. So, it’s a revenue generator. It’s not an expense, but an investment that can generate sales and profits for your business… repeatedly.

According to Google, the average business makes $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on Google advertising.

If you’re investing in email marketing, you can generate $38 for every $1 spent. This is an astounding 3,800% return on investment (ROI) (, 2019).

If you could get $2 for every $1 you spend on marketing, how much money would you spend to keep making more?

Of course, you would spend as much money as possible. So, you could keep multiplying your $1 into $2, $4, $10 or even more.

Misconception #6. There's too much competition for businesses to get results from marketing.

FACT: You don't have as many competitors as you think. Why? Most business owners don't advertise. Some don’t even have websites. So, most businesses are INVISIBLE to potential customers... and these competitors are IRRELEVANT to your business.

According to a study by B2B research firm (2018):

  • More than 36% of small businesses do NOT have a website.
  • 75% of small businesses are NOT investing in online marketing. This means only 25% are promoting their businesses online.

Entrepreneurs that are not marketing their businesses online are INVISIBLE to their prospects.


Your potential customers are looking for your products and services online. If they can’t find them, they can’t buy them. By marketing online, you can buy visibility for your business rapidly.

You Need to Get Out of Your Own Way... Instead, Focus On Taking Action and Set Yourself Up for Success

Common misconceptions can get in the way of your success. It’s important to use facts and data to guide your marketing decisions. So, you can get out of your own way...

The best way to overcome any barrier to success is by focusing on getting things done... instead of trying to get things perfect.

You can build your automated marketing system quickly... then you can tweak it to MAXIMIZE your leads, sales and profits.

Focus on taking action and getting things done. So, you can set yourself up for success.

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