Coupons & Credits: Get Up to $300 Advertising Credit From Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook

For a limited time, a $100 credit for search marketing traffic is offered to new Bing Ads account holders.

  • Click link to get access to Bing Keyword Tool for free and sign up for a free Bing Ads account. If the offer is still available when you sign up, you’ll see a promo code and you can enter it on BingAds billing page to claim the $100 credit for traffic.
  • You may also get this $100 offer on the Bing Ads sign-up page.

If you sign-up for a new advertising account for Facebook and/or Google Adwords, you can usually get a code for $100 credit for advertising from and other hosting services. Just check your hosting dashboard or contact customer support.

NOTE: Do not create an Adwords Express account.

You can NOT optimize your own Adwords Express campaigns yourself. The Google team will choose, maintain and update your keywords & key phrases for you.

For you to have the option of optimizing your own campaigns (maximizing your sales and profits), you need to setup a regular Adwords (now Google Ads) account.

Coupon Codes for Google Adwords:

Coupon Codes for Facebook Advertising:

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